Introducing the must-have connectivity guide for coworking operators

posted on October 23, 2023 by Emilie Lashmar

Running a coworking space is hard. You’re juggling finances, new business, member requests, maintenance and the all-important supply of coffee. When it comes to the vital utility of the internet, getting your space connected and keeping it connected is always the priority. After all, no internet equals no members. However, for both new and existing operators there’s never really been a handy guide available that can show them what the industry connectivity trends are and give useful advice on getting the best from their connection.

That’s now changed with the arrival of the Connectivity Trends Report from technologywithin. It’s a must-read report for coworking operators, containing everything you need to know about ordering, managing and upselling internet bandwidth services to ensure high quality, resilient performance and attractive returns. 

The report combines technologywithin’s knowledge and experience with analysis of their own customer sites within the UK to create a piece of research with the aim of collating a complete view of the industry to enable coworking operators, like you, to be able to plan for the future with more confidence.

By downloading the report you’ll discover:

  • The average size of internet bandwidth going to site is growing – 10% of lines ordered in 2022 were 10Gb/s
  • Growth is set to continue with demand driven by the need for low latency, high-quality consistent connectivity that services like VR and AI require
  • Fibre leased line pricing is trending downwards – 1Gb/s fibre is down 15% since 2021
  • Currently 10% of flexspace clients take a dedicated bandwidth service – operators can increase this by highlighting the benefits these types of connection bring
  • 75% of leased lines orders received over the last 12 months have included a 2nd backup line

The guide is free to download and available from their website here.

We hope you find it useful. If, after downloading, you would like to discuss any of the subjects in more detail please get in touch directly.

technologywithin will also be at GCUC, so if you’re going to be there make sure you drop by their stand for a chat with the team.